news article about Bush Dog sighting in Costa Rica


I think Jon Hall is traveling so I will post a news article that seems the kind of thing he would put up. In case anybody missed it, there’s a camera trap confirmation of bush dog in Costa Rica. Link is here or a simple search turns it up. (Photo is from the article.)

I’ll be in Nicaragua in a week; I’ll be sure to tell Jose Gabriel that we want to add this to the target list.

Charles Hood, Palmdale, CA

  1. Ian Thompson 12 months ago

    Thanks for posting Charles. I had heard there had been sightings in Costa Rica but it`s great to see some photographic evidence. And say hi to Jose Gabriel for me. Cheers, Ian Thompson

  2. Mac Hunter 12 months ago

    Thanks Charles….I am heading to Nicaragua with Jose on Jan 3 and would love any advice you have post your trip….mac hunter

  3. RICHARD WEBB 12 months ago

    Here’s a link to the paper regarding the survey.

    There is also a great photo on Twitter at


  4. Profile photo of tomeslice
    tomeslice 12 months ago

    Very interesting indeed! Thank you for sharing.

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