New Trip Report: Saola Survey, Vietnam

Here’s a very interesting report from Vladimir Dinets to a beautiful place that sadly is off limits to most mammal watchers. But hopefully that may change before too long …

Pu Mat National Park, 2018: Vladimr Dinets, 8 days & up to 33 species of mammals including some cool rodents, an Owston’s Civet and a Saola. Not bad for a man with pneumonia!


  1. Vladimir Dinets 2 weeks ago

    I would appreciate if people don’t share this link on social media etc. for the next few months. We are trying to avoid a media storm, at least until camera trapping results are in. Let’s just keep it in here for a while.

  2. Curtis Hart 6 days ago

    That is an impressive trip! Congratulations on actually seeing a Saola. I never thought that one would be possible.

    • Vladimir Dinets 6 days ago

      Thanks! My general impression was that in that particular area, it might not even be particularly rare. But I haven’t convinced even my tripmates yet; let’s see what camera traps show.

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