Sichuan’s Mammals Tour featuring Wolong Panda Reserve


In March 2018 Royle Safaris ran our first Mammal tour to China we focused on the regular and well known sites of Tangjiahe and Rouergai for ungulates, Pallas’s cat and Chinese mountain cat (among others). We also spent a week around Wolong National Nature Reserve. With a specialist team of rangers from the park we hikes the trails and searched fro wildlife in this incredible landscape (which is also home to more pandas than anywhere else in the world). We will running this tour at least twice a year, however we have already sold out our two group tors for 2019. However anyone interested please contact me here or email me at and out can find out how to be a part of our 2020 trips.

Sichaun mammals and giant panda tour China trip report

On this trip we found 34 species of mammals including red pnada, Pallas’s cat, Chinese mountain cat, Tibetan wolves and were very close to the most iconic of all Chinese mammals.


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