Galago Identification


Can you please have a look a these three and let me know if you agree my id:

The first was taken at Lake Manyara and I have G.Senegalensis and the last two were taken as Shimba Hills and Tsavo East respectively, which I believe are O.garnettii.

Many thanks for your help.


01 - Lake Manyara Tanzania 2008 02 - Shimba Hills Kenya 2008 03 - Tsavo East Kenya 2009


  1. Charles Foley 7 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    I would agree with your id’s on these. G. senegalensis is the only small galago in that part of Tanzania, which fortunately makes identification straightforward. The small galagoides are a nightmare….

  2. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar Author
    jasonwoolgar 7 years ago

    Thanks Charles and sorry for the delay in responding, have been in Yorkshire photographing stoats, red squirrels and hares!

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