Uganda Rodent Identification

  1. Bob Berghaier 7 years ago

    Hello Jason,

    Since no one else has “steped up to the plate” so to speak I’ll take a swing at this. Id’s based on Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals. Not sure what species

    First pic – Multimammate rat Genus Mastomys (Stuarts Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa) has these as Vlei rats Genus Otomys

    Middle pic – Tatera (Naked soled) gerbil Genus – Tatera, not sure what species

    Last pic – African wood mouse Genus – Hylomycus, not sure what species

  2. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar Author
    jasonwoolgar 7 years ago

    Thanks Bob, appreciate your help. Is fairly quiet on the mammal front at the moment, I think that everyone must be away searching!

  3. Profile photo of vdinets
    vdinets 6 years ago

    My books are all packed up for moving at the moment, but my records show that in 2005 I ‘ve identified the gerbils at Murchison as T. emini, and the wood mice at Kibale as H. aeta.

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