Stoats at Mount Grace Priory


Most of you will already know that Mount Grace Priory in North Yorkshire is a great location to see stoats.

I visited back in May on a mammal trip to the area and the English Heritage staff there, who are incredibly friendly and helpful, have posted one of my pictures on their Facebook page.

The link is below if anyone would like to take a look and if you are in the UK and have not seen a stoat well previously, or even if you have, I would highly recommend a visit.

The stoat activity is fairly remarkable in terms of close quarter views and my son and I spent the best part of two hours watching several individuals hunt and kill a number of rabbits.

It is a good area in general for mammals and we saw seventeen in just over four days, including great sightings of red squirrel and European hare.

Have a look if you get the chance.


  1. Profile photo of Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 6 years ago

    great picture. I have seen the Stoats there too back in the 90s…. wish there were more places like this for every Mustelid


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