New Trip Report – Sri Lanka

  1. Matt Strimas-Mackey 5 years ago

    These trip reports from Jason Woolgar are awesome! Always great pictures, useful details, and impressive species lists! I hate to be critical but, Jason, if you’re listening, I think it would be valuable if you formatted these a bit more to include paragraphs, headings, etc. The long strings of small, identically formatted text can be hard to read.

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    jasonwoolgar 5 years ago

    Thanks Matt, glad that you like the content. I know what you mean about the text and I always use paragraphs elsewhere. However, the paragraph spacing makes it very difficult to set the photographs easily and limits where and how I can use pictures. I am sure that there is a fairly easy solution, but anyone who knows me, will also know that I have about as good a grasp of this type of technology as the mammals I spend so long searching for!

  3. Profile photo of vdinets
    vdinets 5 years ago

    A great trip!
    If you don’t want to break the text into paragraphs, another option is to highlight species names with bold font and location names with bold+italics or bold+underlined.

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      jasonwoolgar 5 years ago

      Thanks Vladimir and yes, it was a lot of fun and Sri Lanka is one of the best places to see a large number of mammals fairly easily. I have actually tried some of those suggestions previously, as well as a few other variations, but they tend to make the reports look more like scientific journals, which is the last thing that I want. I will look again at the format when I return from Estonia in May, as I am visiting the same area where Cheryl recently saw her lynx, just on the extremely unlikely chance that lightning will strike twice!

      • Profile photo of vdinets
        vdinets 5 years ago

        Good luck, and watch (or, rather, listen) for Northern birch mice – Estonia still has them and they should be very active in May in open forests with tall herbs on the ground.

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