New Trip Report: Paraguay (mainly), Brazil and Argentina

Here’s a report from Jason Woolgar’s 34 day expedition through Paraguay.  Lots of diversity, though good sightings were tricky for some species.

Paraguay (mainly), Argentina & Brazil, 2015: Jason Woolgar, 34 days & 50 species including PumaOcelotGeoffroy’s CatJaguarundiLesser GrisonChacoan Peccary and five Armadillo species.


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  1. tomeslice 2 years ago

    Jason, with Geoffroy’s cat (multiple sightings), 2 jaguarundis, tayra and grison, I find it hard to say “I’m sorry to hear this trip was not so successful” 😉
    But I completely understand your frustration! I felt this way at Way Kambas – on paper we had a good run – 44ish species, many of which were rodents and bats, but aside from the monkeys and siamangs I kept getting very frustrated at the short and insufficient glimpses we got of most of the animals. Well, at Way Kambas I felt like it was mostly our driver’s fault, and the operation of the lodge (terrible boats, etc.) but I can totally sympathize with how even seeing otter civets and pen-tailed treeshrews can turn into a frustrating and anger-raising experience. (Ask Jon, I was getting quite frustrated… 🙂 )

    That said, I still need to visit Paraguay and specifically get better looks at ocelots and pumas as well as adding tayra, grison, geoffroy’s cat and jaguarundis, chacoan peccaries, night monkeys and some of the armadillo species you got… so maybe I can join you in one of your next trips to the area down the line.


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