Thailand – Khao Sok wildlife guide?

  1. Evan 5 years ago

    I used to live in Thailand. Khao Sok is a beautiful national park surrounding the man-made Cheow Lan reservoir. Unfortunately, the reservoir led to an increase in human access to the area in the 1980s and 90s, which led to a decline in many mammalian species (i.e. no more tigers and very few leopards now). Just to the north of Khao Sok NP is Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary, which is easily reachable by boat. You are more likely to see mammals there as there is far less human disturbance. However, there are no tigers in Khlong Saeng either. You may see elephants, tapirs, guar, gibbons, dusky leaf monkeys, and if you’re really lucky… a clouded leopard or marbled cat if you go spotlighting at night.

    I went into Khao Sok and Khlong Saeng with Toy of Pantoorat Mountain Lodge. He is born and raised in the area and knows all of the rangers working there. He is a great guide if you want to see wildlife and will try his hardest to spot mammals for you. I can’t quite remember his birding skills as I was less interested and so we spent the whole time looking for mammals. His English level is decent, but he is very quiet (a rarity for a Thai national). I speak some Thai, which was helpful, but not essential to communicate with him. I would say his one down side is he doesn’t always know the names of all animals you see in English. Regardless, I would highly recommend him… especially if you are not interested in being coddled and are cool with roughing it in order to see more.

    • Matthew Seow 3 years ago

      Hey, any chance you have contact details of Pantoorat Mountain Lodge? I can’t find it anywhere online 🙁

      • Evan 3 years ago

        Hi Matt. I haven’t contacted Toy from Pantoorat Mountain Lodge in about 1.5 years, but his phone number back then was +66 0862687399. Hope this helps!!

  2. paul carter 5 years ago

    I recommend Games Punjapa of South Thailand Birding
    She is Phuket-based and I have been out at Khao Sok with them a few times, as well as numerous other places.
    Rgds Paul Carter

  3. Author
    xyz99 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot.
    This site is a great resource, and I only recently found it, recommended by a friend.

    Evan, yes, we want to include Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary in the itinerary, but not all operators want to go there. Glad to hear Toy does.
    South Thailand Birding also sounds great, hopefully they can help, as birds are high on my list.

    Thanks again.

    • paul carter 5 years ago

      I think Games is #4 on the Thai bird list. Their website also has a calendar so you can easily check for availability.
      I am Phuket-based half the year so feel free to contact me for any local info.

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