Anybody interested in seeing an Andean mountain cat?

After a succesfull trip in the Western Sahara, Janco and I are going a littlebit more far away this time: Lauca National Park in Chile. With the recent successes of Jon and Ben in mind, this looks like the place to see Andean mountain cat and Pampas cat appears to be possible too. We  will be going this July for about two weeks.

If anybody is interested please contact me for more details. Any extra par of eyes makes probably a difference over there! Bear in mind though that in Chile it will be winter this time of year so it will be colder then in december. So if you’re up for some hardcore mammalwatching please contact me at lverheuvel AT live DOT nl!


Lennart Verheuvel

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  1. mikehoit 2 years ago

    Hi Lennart

    How did you get on with this trip? I may have a chance to go looking in September/October (earlier than most), so just wondered how challenging the cold was!


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