Hi Jon

What is the current situation regarding advertising on your website, as I thought that all adverts now had to appear within the new travel directory section or perhaps as part of the join a trip section?

Is this still the case, as Royle Safaris continue to advertise on the community forum and I know that when other members have queried this, they have had their posts deleted?

I know that companies are paying for these adverts now, but can you please update us in terms of who can advertise where.

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    Vladimir Dinets 2 months ago

    Good question. I was just about to write a post saying that I am going into part-time guiding and can basically take anyone anywhere in the next few months (except June 2020 which is already booked) for a very modest guiding fee. I am now back in the US so trips in the Americas will be particularly cheap, although I’m considering one to Sichuan in November. But now I’ll wait to hear where better to post it.

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    Mattia from Italy 2 months ago

    That’s a VERY good question. Thanks Jason!

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    Jon Hall 2 months ago

    Hi Jason

    Commercial tour leaders and guides can still post on the community forum to advertise specific trips. There is usually a small charge for this. I want to limit these posts to one per week so subscribers don’t feel they are getting too many emails. I think its better that I post all these adverts myself in future so it is clear which posts are adverts. Once posted in the forum I try to add these posts to the join a trip page (though often get behind with that).

    Operators and guides (and lodges) can also pay for a general listing about themselves in the new travel section

    Meanwhile the rest of the community can post anytime for free along the lines of “looking for people to join me on a trip to see Okapis … vaccinations and a bullet proof vest will be useful”.



  4. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar Author
    jasonwoolgar 2 months ago

    Thanks Jon…good to know.

    Very strange you mentioning Okapi, as I am currently working on exactly that tour for next year, although I expect that I will probably be taking it on my own!

    As far as guiding is concerned Vladimir, if you can finally put an end to my Eurasian Lynx nightmare, then consider yourself hired!

    • Martin Royle 2 months ago

      Hi Jason, I have an expedition for okapi all ready to go for january 2020, including 6 months advanced planning with specially purchased camera traps to pinpoint okapi movements etc; but this is postponed it due to the Ebola. Not the Ebola itself, but they fact that the local militia have taken control of roads and communities to form a racket on medication and medical care in the area.
      Very much looking forward of hearing how you get on and what plan you have to try and see one. We have a strategy in place as covering ground seems to be fruitless. We have been told that rangers get a fleeting glimpse as one crosses the road approximately once every 500km of patrolling.

    • Profile photo of Jon Hall
      Jon Hall 2 months ago

      That’s exciting Jason. As of a month ago I understood the park in DRC isn’t letting people visit again because of the security concerns… but when they do I will be on a plane quicker than you can see Ebola-Militia-Guerilla-Gorilla!

      • Profile photo of jasonwoolgar Author
        jasonwoolgar 2 months ago

        Yes, I just returned from a Bonobo tour and the situation in the east is apparently as precarious and volatile as ever.

        Hopefully it will improve and I am currently talking to a local ranger about the possibility of visiting a less well known area where the chances are supposedly much higher.

    • Profile photo of Vladimir Dinets
      Vladimir Dinets 2 months ago

      Jason, I’ll ask around. My first lynx took something like 300 hours of snow tracking to find, but things are much easier nowadays.

      • Profile photo of jasonwoolgar Author
        jasonwoolgar 2 months ago

        Thanks Vladimir…will be interesting, as I have spent literally thousands of hours within their range and last summer spent a further six weeks searching three different territories, including Poland. I perhaps need to specifically concentrate on lynx, as opposed to looking for a variety of mammals on each tour, but, either way, the Eurasian lynx remains the only significant species that I have looked for and failed to find over an extended period i.e. considerably more than two decades!

  5. john wright 2 months ago

    Hi Jason, For Eurasian Lynx check out Jan Keltchterman’s Europe’s Big 5 Polish tours – see the website. They have had a high success rate seeing lynx over recent years.

    • Profile photo of jasonwoolgar Author
      jasonwoolgar 2 months ago

      Thanks John, I appreciate that, but I just do not want to use hides anymore.

      I was in Bieszczady last year and had a fabulous time, but everything was on foot and I cannot bring myself to watch any of these apex predators in these contrived conditions.

      I have an open invite to return and accompany an excellent local ranger who we spent a few days with and I hope to also get back to the Tibetan Plateau next year for yet another attempt!

  6. john wright 2 months ago

    Ok Jason, no worry. But just like to add the EB5 lynx aren’t seen from hides they are either seen when out spotlighting – albeit from a vehicle or seen when scanning from natural watchpoints.

    • Profile photo of jasonwoolgar Author
      jasonwoolgar 2 months ago

      Okay, thanks John, I will check that out then, as I know that they use hides for several species and had presumed that was also the case regarding lynx.

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