Good spot for Brown Bear in Tatra Mountains (Slovakia?)

Hi guys,


The possibilities for travelling are slowly increasing, but for this summer I’ve kept it rather close to home with a camping trip by car through Eastern Europe. Since I will not be travelling with a group that is specifically interested in mammals I can’t really do a targeted trip for specific mammals, however at some point we will probably spend some time in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. I read that this area has some of the highest densities for Brown Bear in Europe and since that would be a lifer for me as well as a really cool mammal, I would at least want to give them my best effort.


So my question: can anybody recommend any specific spots and/or strategies for seeing Brown Bear in the Tatra Mountains?

  1. Maurice Tijm 3 months ago

    Great idea Lennart. No information on here yet but it sounds like a good area for brown bear and not far from western europe.
    Hope you succeed.

    Sam Puls was successful and is well informed:

    This appears to be a nice tour operator for small bear hikes

  2. Author
    Lennartv 3 months ago

    Thanks for your reply Maurice! I will send Sam a message.

    • Maurice Tijm 3 months ago

      Great. On the mammalwatching europe facebook Marcos Mallo Leira did an rfi in 2019 and only reported back he saw 25 bears in slovakia and romania. Maybe you can get some more detail from him too.

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