Trip companion for Dominican Republic (April 2023)

Hello fellow Mammalwatchers!
Looking for a fellow wildlife enthusiast for a stint to the Dominican Republic (01.04.-13.04.). Preliminary itinerary would be first two days at Los Haitises NP for Ridgeway’s Hawk, Ashy-faced Owl and potentially bats. Then a week with guide in the south-west for the rest of the local birds, followed by a couple days with another guide looking for mammals (Solenodon, Hutia, bats) and herps. We should have a day or two as buffer towards the end to either take another crack at anything we missed before in these areas or if we already got lucky with all the targets to explore other areas. Weather has been dry so chances of finding Solenodon are supposed to be good.
As of now I am going solo but I would be interested in having an extra pair of eyes along for the good times and of course to split costs. I’m hoping to keep it under $4000 p.p. but depends on a couple of outside factors so no promises. :p
Let me know if you are interested and I can send further details.

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