What if South Korea had more large mammals.

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The IUCN Red List says that South Korea has only 97 mammals. Only 9 of the mammals are what I would consider large non marine mammals.South Korea has the potential to have more. There is 3 locally extinct mammals that would be helpful to the environment. The first is the Grey wolf. Most range maps will include Korea with wolves, but population statistics say it doesn’t have them. Wolves are classic example of a key stone species. They control the population of deer and in Yellowstone elk. This provides me with a nice transition into our next animal the elk. The elk have been re introduced quite successfully in the eastern U.S as there is a population in Eastern Kentucky/Western Virginia. The population in Kentucky. Elk went extinct in Korea but have the potential to return and it would boost the economy of the local mountainous areas that it would be introduced into. The third and wildest one would be introducing the leopard this would be maybe possible if China had viable population. Sadly China doesn’t. The wolf, in my opinion, would be the most beneficial. The leopard would be the least but the coolest. The elk would be the easiest to introduce but it doesn’t bring any benefits. This is just my thoughts on the matter and is open for critisism.



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