Nature Travel Namibia

Nature Travel Namibia

Area: Namibia and Southern Africa
Type: Specialist Mammal and Conservation Safaris

Whether you are doing your first African safari or you are looking to add a few rare and elusive mammals to your mammal list Nature Travel Namibia’s bespoke Namibia Mammal Safari offers some of the best general wildlife viewing in all of Africa. Our tours include spectacular parks and reserves, great accommodation, some top attractions, and fantastic chances of seeing the Big Five and other rare and special mammals.

Namibia is one of the most diverse countries in Africa so expect to be amazed at the incredible habitat diversity during our tours, from lush riparian forest in the Caprivi and Botswana to arid desert and sand dune landscapes in central Namibia, not forgetting the spectacular lagoon at Walvis Bay on the Atlantic coast, and much more!

This safari is about so much more than just spotting Africa’s Big Five Mammals. Our Namibia tour offers the freedom of doing night drives in certain areas and exploring some of the habitats on foot. Where bigger mammals can easily be seen from a vehicle, it is seeking smaller elusive mammal species on foot that becomes part of the privilege of being on safari in Namibia. Exploring the bush on foot also gives one the opportunity to go where vehicles normally cannot. Night drives and walks are an excellent opportunity to spot nocturnal animals in their natural habitat.

Namibia’s diversity brings with it some fantastic mammal watching and you can count on seeing quite a big number of mammals, other fauna and flora and some superb classic African safari landscapes. Join us on this amazing adventure!

Top Large Mammals:

  • African Elephant
  • White & Black Rhinoceros
  • African Wild Dog
  • Cheetah
  • Sable and Roan Antelope
  • Aardvark
  • African Buffalo
  • Lion
  • Leopard

Top Small Mammals:

  • African Clawless Otter
  • Black Mongoose (Endemic)
  • Namib Round-eared Sengi
  • Southern Pygmy Gerbil (Near Endemic)
  • Kirk’s Dikdik
  • Honey Badger
  • Stone Dormouse
  • Jameson’s Red Rock Hare
  • Natal Mastomys (Multimammate Mouse)
  • Namaqua Rock Rat


Namibia & a bit of Botswana, 2016: Félix Serrano López, 16 days & 57 species including AardvarkAardwolfSpotted-necked Otter and Honey Badger.

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