Tour leader & English speaking guide

Tour Operator

Area: Mongolia

Type: Tour Opertator and Guide

Out of office, he leads Birding, Mammal watching, and Snow leopard tours.

Phone: +976 8800 7173 (for all tour inquiries)



He is wildlife biologist has studied Bats, Snow Leopard, Brown Bear, Wolverine, Argali, Przewalski’s Horse and Mongolian Gazelle. He is particularly interested in bat biology, ecology, and conservation. He currently works at a Non-Government Organization, the Bat Research Center of Mongolia. He has worked on endangered species conservation projects at Hustai National Park, for the WWF and Altai Institute for 8 years.

While working in the field his focus turned toward wildlife-oriented tour guiding the travel industry. He started his service sector career at a nationally renowned tour agency. After a number of years spent leading and guiding the birding and mammal watching tours, Munkhnast established his tour company. The company specializes in mammal and birdwatching trips and is based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Mongolia, 2018: Munkhnast Dalannast, 3 weeks & 30 species including Marbled and Steppe Polecats and Pallas’s Cat.