The isolated Striped Ground Squirrel in Morocco

The most known and widespread squirrel in Morocco is the Barbary Ground Squirrel (Atlantoxerus getulus) which is endemic to Northwest Africa (Morocco and western Algerian). There is however another less known and localized squirrel in the Souss Valley on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, the Striped Ground Squirrel (Euxerus erythropus). This species is widely distributed and much more known in sub-Saharan Africa, but its small and isolated population in the Palearctic remains relatively unknown by many observers (there are some exceptions though, see trip reports).

A recent study published in the journal Mammalia obtained more data about the species in Morocco. Hopefully this will lead to more people paying attention to it (both conservationists in Morocco and eco-tourists).

A summary, photos and a link to the study here:

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  1. Profile photo of Vladimir Dinets
    Vladimir Dinets 8 months ago

    I’ve always wondered if that population is actually introduced. I hope somebody does a DNA study to find out.

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