Mammal Watching Gear

Pulsar Thermal Scopes and Night Vision

Books & Apps


Canids of the World (November, 2018)

Carnivores of the World, 2nd edition (January, 2019)

Lagomorphs: Pikas, Rabbits and Hares of the World (August, 2018)

Mammals: A Very Short Introduction (December, 2018)

Squirrels of the World (September, 2012)

Walker’s Mammals of the World (July, 2018)


Stuart’s Field Guide to the Mammals of Southern African (book & app) (November, 2018)

Stuart’s Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Africa (book & app) (November, 2018)

Stuart’s Field Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Southern, Central & East African Wildlife (December, 2018)

North America

A Californian’s Guide to the Mammals Among Us (March, 2019)

Stuart’s Guide to the Mammals of North America (app) (January, 2019)

South America

A Field Guide to Bats of the Amazon (April, 2018)

A Field Guide to the Mammals of Ecuador (April, 2018)

General Gear

Mammalwatching Gear (May, 2018)


Thrunite Catapult (July, 2019)

Choosing a Flashlight for Mammalwatching (a very thorough article from Jan, 2019)

Mounting a Flashlight for Mammalwatching (on a telescope and a camera) (Jan 2019)

Flashlight RFI (May, 2018)

Flashlight brightness for spotlighting on foot (May, 2016)


Tips on photography while solo spotlighting (May, 2017)


Traveling internationally with a Thermal Scope: what are the rules? (August, 2019)

Pulsar XQ 50 Thermal Scope Review (September, 2017)
(also see this post from April 2019 on scope magnification)

LCD monitors for thermal scopes (March, 2018)


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