Global Mammal Checklist

I developed this checklist after discussions in 2014 on the community forum. It remains a work in progress and I update it every 6-12 months. It started life based on the IUCN’s Red List but now also triangulates with more recent taxonomies from the Handbook of the Mammals of the World and the American Society of Mammalogists’ Mammal Diversity Database. It includes a few exceptions for ‘new’ species that I believe are in the pipeline. Differences from the IUCN list are generally highlighted in yellow. The taxonomic order largely follows Wilson & Reeder’s Mammals of the World (2005, Johns Hopkins University Press).

It isn’t perfect, but it might be the least imperfect list there is from a mammalwatcher’s point of view. Please send comments to me, or post them on the forum.

The spreadsheet also lists changes made over time since I started it.

Download the latest global mammal checklist in Excel (as at January 2021). You can also record your mammal sightings with the excellent Scythebill listing sofrware. It uses this list as its taxonomy.

Here is some interesting discussion on differing taxonomies that influenced the presentation of this list.

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