Resources on this site include

Global Mammal Checklist – a list I’ve developed based – more or less – on the taxonomy used by the IUCN Red List. Its more lumpy than splitty.

Mammal Watching Gear – a collection of posts reviewing books, flashlights, thermal scopes and other equipment

Mammal Volcalisation Library – a growing collection of links to mammal calls

Useful Links – a set of references to websites, books and other resources that are useful for mammal watching worldwide (many more regional and national links are included in the relevant country and (regional) ecozone pages).

Information about whale and dolphin watching worldwide.

Mammal Watching Tips with advice on how to look for mammals and where to look for them.

My Top 20 World’s Best Mammal Watching people and places from 2019.

Best Kept Secrets – 10 under visited mammal watching desinations from 2020.

Please email me if you have other suggestions.

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