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Check out Nick Peeters’ new report. Oman is becoming a top mammalwatching destination.

Giant Forest Hogs


Check out the latest MEGA trip report from Ben Chapple: an incredible 10 months & 155 species including Aardvark, Naked Mole Rat, Maned Rat, Harrison’s Giant Mastiff Bat, Caracal, Aardwolf, Zorilla,  Weyns’s Duiker and 147 others!

Bioko Island

Check out Jon Hall’s new trip report from January 2023: 8 days & 23 species including Pennant’s Red Colobus, Preuss’s Monkey, Drill and Bioko Hybomys.


Check out two great reports. Sebastian Kennerknecht’s 2022 Manul safari with some incredible pictures of Pallas’s Cats. And Daan Drukker’s 4 week & 46 species odyssey from 2022 including Pallas’s Cat, Saiga, Argali and Wild Camel!

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