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Sri Lanka

Check out Samuel Marlin’s great report of an August 2023 trip: 50 species including Indian Pangolin. Sir Lanka might now be the most reliable place in the world to see a wild Pangolin.


Check out Jane Kempler’s mega report of a trip with Wild About Colombia: 1 month & 38 species including a load of great stuff like Amazon Dwarf Squirrel, White-footed Tamarins, Little Red Brocket, Andean Bear, Olinguito and a Mountain Coati.

Costa Rica

Check out Venkat Sankar’s 4 night mammal fest in Guanacaste from March 2023: 53 species including Vesper Rat, Northern Big-eared Bat, Sanborn’s and Underwood’s Bonneted Bats, Striped Hog-nosed Skunk, and Baird’s Tapir.

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  1. Yes indeed, with the exception of red slender loris we saw all the "large" mammals of Sri Lanka during this…

  2. I was in Prague in December 2022 and I highly recommend Jan Studecky (, who took me out for a…

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