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Aye aye Daubentonia madagascariensis


Like all self-respecting mammal watchers I had long wanted to visit Madagascar. But something had held me back. I think this was largely the fact that my Madagascar trip would be the very last time I could travel somewhere and delight in a frenzy of mammal ticking…


Georgia is a spectacularly beautiful country, with great food and friendly people. More importantly it is the best place to see two fabulous mountain goats: the Eastern and Western Tur.

Romanian Hamster Mesocricetus newtoni


I took trips to Bulgaria in 2020 and 2022, focussing on finding two of the country’s rarest small mammals: Mouse-tailed Dormouse and Romanian Hamster.


This page covers both the Malaysian and Indonesian bits of Borneo, together with Brunei. I have visited Borneo four times and am sure I will return again and again. Per square kilometre it has way more than its fair share of the world’s coolest mammals.

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