is – at heart – a library of trip reports, organized by country, and sometimes sub-nationally (the US and Australian States, and Canadian Provinces and Territories have separate pages for example). You can navigate to country pages here. So if you are interested in traveling to, say, Madagascar, you can visit the country page and read others’ reports.

You can contribute to the community by submitting your own report, and ask for advice on the Community Forum.

This site has lots of additional resources, including reviews of books, apps and equipment, a world mammal checklist and a library of mammal calls. We take conservation seriously, and have information on the ways mammalwatching can help protect the mammals we love. We have guidelines on responsible mammalwatching.

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Advertising a Trip

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If you are looking for inspiration on where to go then why not visit look at joining a trip and see what trips are coming up (you will need a free account), browse the directory of trip providers or check out the places I rank as having the world’s best mammalwatching.

Adding a Trip Report

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Adding your Mammal List to the Rankings

If you would like to take your rightful spot in the mammalwatching league tables of species seen then you can upload your various lists from My Account and scroll down to Add a New Mammal List. It is pretty straightforward but here is another video.