Advertising: Two Gabon Safaris in July with Royle Safaris

Royle Safaris are running two trips in July to Gabon, one of Africa’s greatest mammalwatching destinations in my opinion.


With things opening up more and more around the world and one of those places being Gabon – where fully vaccinated travelers from anywhere can visit without restriction – we are keen to offer the amazing opportunity to see wild mandrills, western lowland gorillas, red river hogs, African forest elephants and many more rare and iconic African mammal species including for the first time specialist giant pangolin tracking.

We have three trips heading out to Gabon in the mandrill breeding season (July – August) in 2022 and there are 2 spaces on one trip and 3 spaces on another. We also have an optional pre-tour extension to Ivindo National Park for anyone interested and the same number of places available. Charles Foley (famous mammalwatching podcaster and conservationist) will be guiding (along with local guides) the first main trip . Martin Royle will be guiding (along with local guides) the second main trip. Local guides are used for the Ivindo extension.

The brochures detailing the itinerary and information for the main trip is here and for the Ivindo extension is here.

In summary availability for 2022 is:

Ivindo Extension

2-7 July 2022- two spaces available

Gabon Wildlife Exploration (Main Trip)

6-15 July 2022 –  two spaces available


Ivindo Extension

19-24 July 2022- three spaces available

Gabon Wildlife Exploration (Main Trip)

23 July – 1 August 2022 – three spaces available