About this Podcast


Introduction, May 4, 2021 – In this introductory episode we discuss why we have started this podcast, what its about and who will be interested. Half hour episodes will be released every two weeks. For more information visit mammalwatching.com/podcast.


Notes: Charles’s Big Mammal Day report is here. Dr Charles Foley is a mammalwatcher and biologist who, together with his wife Lara, spent 30 years studying elephants in Tanzania. They now run the Tanzania Conservation Research Program at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. Jon Hall set up mammalwatching.com in 2005. Genetically Welsh, spiritually Australian, currently in New York City. He has looked for mammals in over 100 countries. Produced and edited by José G. Martínez-Fonseca mammalwatcher, photographer and wildlife biologist.