S1 Episode 16: Vivek Menon


We interview Vivek Menon founder and Executive Director of the Wildlife Trust of India. Vivek is a distinguished conservationist, scientist and author of the Field Guide to Indian Mammals (required reading for any mammalwatcher heading to the sub-continent). During more than 30 years of conservation work Vivek has had many adventures around the world. He talks about getting drenched while kayaking alongside breaching Humpback Whales, being pounced on by Clouded Leopards and having a Chimp decorate his head with parts of a colobus monkey.


Vivek is founder and Executive Director of the Wildlife Trust of India and here is a video about his field guide to Indian mammals. This is a nice article on the wildlife of Manas National Park. Follow Vivek on Twitter and Instagram @vivek4wild. Charles talked about fluorescent mammals and here is a piece on this phenomenon from the New York Times. Cover art: Vivek and Himalayan Black Bears, by Amrit Noel Menon.