S1 Episode 5: Fiona Reid


We interview scientist, author, artist and tour operator Fiona Reid about a lifetime catching, painting and studying some of the world’s least known mammals. Highlights include bat glamour makeover tips, how to photograph a flying fox’s teeth and why a plane crash is much more frightening if you’ve checked your luggage.


Fiona’s lodge in Costa Rica is called Sylvan. The fierce bat in Papua New Guinea she mentioned was a Black-bellied Fruit Bat (Melonycteris melanops). While the rare bats she captured in Costa Rica were Smoky (Sheath-tailed) Bats (Cyttarops alecto). Here is some more on the elephants walking across China that Charles talked about. And this is the Napo Wildlife Centre where Jon recently stayed. Cover art – Smoky Bat, Cyttarops alecto – by Fiona Reid.