S2 E18: Joel Berger


Charles and Jon talk to Professor Joel Berger from his home in Colorado. Joel has spent a lifetime studying ‘extreme species in extreme places’ as a senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society and at Colorado State University and the University of Montana. He has worked on many mammals including Huemul in Chile, Musk Ox in Russia and Pronghorn in the USA. And he has focussed his work on some of the larger and unsung species that live in the world’s deserts (of all types).

In an entertaining chat, Professor Berger talks about some of the many highlights in a distinguished career that has seen him a three time finalist for the Indianapolis Prize, receive a lifetime achievement recognition from the prestigious Aldo Leopold Conservation Award and be featured in the Archie comic! Some of his adventures over the years include being mistaken for a CIA agent – and put on trial – in the Russian arctic, being charged by multiple Moose, and dressing up as a Polar Bear to try to frighten Musk Oxen.


Joel Berger has written several books, dozens of articles and won many awards. You can learn more about him – and his work – on his website. Jon’s report from his latest California trip is here.

Cover art: Joel Berger discarding his Polar Bear Suit.