Tomer is the Director of Mechanics & Engineering at Vectorious Medical Technologies, a biomedical startup that developed the world’s first in-heart microcomputer for monitoring Congestive Heart Failure patients.

He lived in the USA for 15 years from the age of 12, and moved back to Israel at 27. Tomer started mammal watching around 2007 and, by late 2021, has been to 61 countries.  He got married in 2021 to Roni, and they are living happily in Tel Aviv.

Tomer loves mammalwatching in the field, and when he isn’t traveling he researches different mammal species for fun. His only nature-related “publication” was a paper on the Altai weasel, that extended the species’ distribution to include the Indian Himalayas.

His other hobbies include CrossFit, general traveling (even to places without mammals!), drinking beers and shots with friends, and going to amusement parks around the world to ride the most thrilling roller coasters. Oh, and Mexican Food!!