If you would like to advertise your lodge, guiding or tour operating business then we have three standard packages

Standard Advert

A standard advert in the travel directory which includes a link to up to three reports on mammalwatchng.com. An advert will give you a space on this website and allow people to find you easily and link to you in their reports. You can also use it as an anchor when you submit your own trip reports.


Your advert will also rotates across the mammalwatching home page. Home page adverts are prominently visible and particularly suitable for tour operators running trips to multiple countries.

Country Page Package

Your advert will feature prominently on one or more country pages. Country page adverts are particularly suitable for operators focusing on a particular country. Mammalwatchers who are contemplating on visiting a particular country will usually visit mammalwatching.com’s country page as a starting point.

Next Steps?

Please contact us at mammalwatching@gmail.com to discuss rates.