Ficus Wildlife & Natural History Tours

Area: India

Type: Tour Operator and Guide


Guided tours through India’s varied natural areas to unravel the country’s wildlife riches.

We have successfully hosted trips to find rare/range restricted mammals, such as: Asian Golden Cat, Brown Palm Civet, Nilgiri Tahr, Brown Mongoose, Asiatic Wild Cat, Striped Hyaena, Indian Fox as well as Arunachal Macaque, Gee’s Golden Langur, Western Hoolock Gibbon and Lion-tailed Macaque among a host of other primates. We have also run trips for endemic squirrels, small carnivores and India’s well known megafauna.

The owners, experienced naturalists themselves, are directly involved with every aspect of the trip, to ensure a seamless, productive travel experience for the visitors.

Brown Palm Civet, a Western Ghats endemic


Eaglesnest WLS and Kaziranga NP, 2022: Stuart Chapman and Ficus Wildlife Tours, 1 week  & 25 species including Bhutan Flying SquirrelArunchal and Assamese Macaques, Western Hoolock Gibbon and an Asiatic Golden Cat.
Western India, 2020: Ficus Wildlife Tours, 5 nights & 14 species including Striped Hyaena, Indian Fox, Asiatic Wild Ass, Indian Wolf, Jungle Cat and Blackbuck.
Western Ghats, 2018: Ficus Wildlife Tours, 13 nights & 27 mammals including Brown Palm Civet, Nilgiri Tahr, Lion-tailed Macaque, Grey Slender Loris, Tiger and Dhole.