Area: Global

Type: Tour Operator

Naturetrek offers the widest choice of mammal-watching tours, with a knowledgeable and passionate team ready to point you in the direction of some of the world’s finest mammal-watching destinations in Spain, Sweden, Peru, Borneo, Madagascar, South Africa, India and Svalbard, amongst many others. Popular mammal-focused tours include those for Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Royal Bengal and Siberian Tiger, Iberian Wolf, Lynx (both Iberian and Eurasian), Jaguar, Puma, Polar Bear, lemurs and Orang-utan.


Deramakot, Kinabatangan and Mt Kinabalu, 2018: Naturetrek, 2 weeks & 37 species including Moonrat, Sun Bearand Clouded Leopard.

Mongolia, 2018: Naturetrek, 12 days & 15 species including SaigaCorsac Fox and Snow Leopard.

South Africa, 2016: Naturetrek, 10 days & 54 species including Caracal, Dassie Rat, Western Rock Sengi, Southern African Hedgehog and a Brown Hyena.

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