Wild About Colombia

Wild About Columbia

Area: Colombia

Type: Tour Operator


Wild About Colombia is owned and operated by Claudia and Rob – a Colombian/British partnership based just outside Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá (near amazing Andean Bear habitat). Together they’ve pioneered and operate a range of exciting and expertly led mammal watching tours throughout Colombia, including customized (tailor-made) trips and small group departures.

Over the years Wild About Colombia has gained a reputation for offering expertly guided and logistically precise tours that ensure their valued clients enjoy quality time in search of incredible mammals. Over 20 species of primates (many of which are endemic to Colombia, such as Ornate Titi, Silvery-brown Bare-faced Tamarin and Cotton-top Tamarin), Andean (Spectacled) Bear, Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Mountain Tapir, Western Mountain Coati … these are just some of the iconic mammals that Wild About Colombia have reliable locations for, not to mention more exciting smaller species!

Do get in touch to find out more and to find out about new locations that they’re currently exploring!


South and Central Colombia, 2020: Jon Hall, 11 days and 52 species including Mottled-faced and Silvery Brown TamarinsBrumback’s and Grey-handed Night Monkeys and Allen’s Olingo.

Colombia, 2018: Justin Brown, 3 weeks & about 30 species including 20 primates, with Golden-backed UakarisMottle-faced and Bare-faced Tamarins and Caqueta Titis among the highlights.