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Founded in the 1980s, WildWings is proud to be considered as one of the world’s leading wildlife tour companies, with an enviable record of taking clients to some of the wildest and remotest corners of the planet and sharing some incredible wildlife spectacles with them.  

Destinations with specialist mammal trips include Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, China and South Africa and we also offer an ever-growing range of speciality expedition voyages including exclusive charters. 

Our philosophy is to give you an unforgettable holiday and we are delighted that our levels of repeat business are so high.  We always provide expert guides and are committed to offering superb value for money. 


Sichuan, 2019: 2 weeks & 33 mammals including Tibetan Gazelle, Chinese Ferret Badger and Pallas’s Cat.

South Africa, 2019: 10 days & 63 species including Caracal, Pygmy Mouse and Short-snouted Sengi.

Amazon Cruise, September 2018: 2 weeeks & 30+ species including Giant Otter, many rare primates and a Silky Anteater.