Potential split : Calabrian Black Squirrel

This popped up in my social media feed this morning(via Jack Ashby on twitter https://twitter.com/JackDAshby/status/837203764012527616) – a proposal to treat the meriodionalis subspecies of Eurasian Red Squirrel as a full species. It looks like a fairly comprehensive study, interested to hear from those with a better understanding of the molecular analysis though.


A pdf of the paper can be downloaded from the link.

cheers, Mike


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  1. Profile photo of Vladimir Dinets
    Vladimir Dinets 4 months ago

    This one seems legit. I think I mentioned the distinctiveness of this form in one of my recent trip reports. What is still unclear to me is where the population from Abruzzo falls: it looks very similar to Calabrian squirrels.

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