Twitchable Eurasian Lynx in Estonia

Here is a quick trip report about twitchable Eurasian Lynx in Estonia. Access is through Estonian Nature Tours. A female and up to three cubs should be twitchable for the next fortnight, as long as snow does not melt. Thereafter, ENT are likely to offer a Lynx-based product. Details also on my blog:  Eurasian Lynx_Estonia_trip report_Mar2017_Lowen 0.2

  1. Profile photo of Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 12 months ago

    THanks James. This is so tempting. One for next year for me I reckon and congratulations

  2. John Wright 12 months ago

    Cheers for the info James. I’ve cracked and I’m going on Monday – all sorted with Marika of Estonia Nature Tours. Keeping everything crossed for a successful trip.

  3. Jan Kelchtermans 12 months ago

    Very curious about the result John! Good luck!

    Soon myself three weeks guiding in Poland where I have had 5 eye sightings of Eurasian lynxes so far over the past three years. Strategy of spotlighting in good areas really was an upgrade both previous years. A brown bear seems resident (as far as I understood of tailor made people being there now) near our large carnivore hide we have in the Bieszczady area. Field obs too of Wolf and Bison. Let’s c in the end what the season brings!

  4. Profile photo of James Lowen Author
    James Lowen 12 months ago

    Good luck, John. Let us know how you get on!

  5. Profile photo of James Lowen Author
    James Lowen 12 months ago

    I understand from Marika Mann that John scored, seeing Lynx at the same site yesterday.

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