Marbled Polecats in Romania?

  1. Vladimir Dinets 1 month ago

    Nothing about Romania, but I recently got a tip from Kazakhstan. Interested?

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      Jon Hall 1 month ago

      Thanks. I had a specific request to find out more about Romania but I am sure others might be interested to know about Kazakhstan.

  2. Billy 1 month ago

    I have only seen one in Georgia by coincidence. But I have knowledge of other observations in the same place which strongly suggest they are well present in that region. They are more active during daytime than other martens (like Striped we saw 7 of last week).

  3. brugiere 1 month ago

    No idea. I go to Romania next June looking for Marbled and Steppe Polecat. I will concentrate near Sousliks colonies.

  4. Vladimir Dinets 1 month ago

    For the last few years there was above-average precipitation on the southern side of Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan, so the numbers of gerbils and other rodents were very high, and I’ve just heard that it’ possible to see marbled polecats after 2-5 days of searching. They are almost strictly crepuscular/nocturnal in Kazakhstan due to high densities of eagles.

    I visited this area briefly in 1990 and saw many interesting mammals, but no polecats. There were very few gerbils that year, but lots of jerboas, and I found a desert dormouse near Mynaral on the W shore.

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