New Trip Report: Gabon, 2017

Here’s a really nice report from a country I want to visit …even more so after reading this, and seeing some of Mogens’s spectacular Mandrill pictures.  Gabon in 2018 anyone?

Gabon, 2017: Mogens Trolle, 2 weeks & 21 species including Mandrill, Lowland Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Grey-cheeked Mangabey, Congo Clawless Otter and Red River Hog.


  1. Romain 1 year ago

    July or august is ok for me !

  2. Venkat Sankar 1 year ago

    August should work well 😉

  3. Vladimir Dinets 1 year ago

    Sounds tempting, but I can’t plan that far ahead at the moment. I was there in 2009, but barely scratched the surface.
    There are lots of bat caves in Gabon – ask the Afribats people.

  4. Tobi 12 months ago

    Just fired of an email to to organize a trip in 2018.

    • Profile photo of Jon Hall Author
      Jon Hall 12 months ago

      I’m already talking to them as well about next year!

  5. Tobi 12 months ago

    keep me posted. would be great to join!

  6. Thomas Johansson 10 months ago

    Very tempting. I’m also interested.

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