what is this?

  1. HeavenlyJane 3 months ago

    Measurements and location would help.

  2. Profile photo of liometopum Author
    liometopum 3 months ago

    I have not seen it, but we can estimate, based on the boards. My deck boards are 6 inches wide. If these are the same, then the animal is about the size of a raccoon or cat.

  3. Profile photo of kittykat23uk
    kittykat23uk 3 months ago

    El Chupacabra? An opossum maybe?

  4. Curtis Hart 3 months ago

    If that is in the US, which by the boat registration in another photo in the album, it appears to be, that is probably a Virginia Opossum.

  5. Profile photo of liometopum Author
    liometopum 2 months ago

    I got a bit more information. It is from near Sonora, in Tuolumne County, California.
    Opossum wins. I guess chupacabras are actually opossums.

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