Bat ID’s wanted Brazil


Hi people,

Some bats I photographed in Brazil last July/August.

The first (two?) species I photographed near the southern end of the Transpantaneira Highway in the Pantanal, in some houses at an abandoned biological research facility. Sorry for the sometimes blurry pictures…

DSCN0374 Bat Pantanal 2 DSCN0352 DSCN0372

This one I photographed in a shed at Pouso Alegre, near the northern starting point of the Transpantaneira Highway (Carolia perspicillata?):

Bat Pantanal

And the following two species I photographed in a hollow tree in the Amazon rainforest next to a river in the S Para (Rio Azul Lodge):

DSCN1032 Bat Rio Azul Bat Rio Azul 2 Bat Rio Azul 3

Hope you can help me out!

Best regards,

Pieter de Groot Boersma

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  1. Profile photo of Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 12 months ago

    As Manuel said on your Borneo post it is almost impossible to ID these to below genus level… you would need measurements and/or crystal clear close up shots I am afraid (and even then it isn’t always possible).

    The very last pic (also the opening pic) is a Micronycteris species, and there are also pics of – I think –
    both Carollia and Glossophoga species

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