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I just had a question about whether anyone would know if the Meller’s Mongoose or Bushy-tailed Mongoose is the more likely at Ngorongoro Crater.  I had what I thought was a Meller’s on a road on the side of the crater through thick brush with trees the last time I was there, but after getting Kingdon’s new guide It looks like it may have been a Bushy-tailed since it looks like Meller’s doesn’t occur there.  Plus the habitat seems to be a better match to Bushy-tailed.  Any thoughts?




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  1. Venkat Sankar 6 days ago

    Meller’s doesn’t occur that far N in Tanzania; I think the Northermost record is in one of the miombo hunting blocks SW of Tarangire. If your mongoose was on the forested rim, Bushy-tailed sounds good to me. They weren’t known from the area for a while but a recent camera-trapping study got a bunch of records up there and from several other “new” places (e.g. Arusha NP, etc.). Their prior perceived absence was definitely a result of poor survey coverage.

    On a similar note, I saw a medium-sized dark mongoose dash off the road in Ngorongoro Crater in a brushy area near water in 2013. I strongly suspect it was a Marsh Mongoose. I had two guides with me who had spent years in and near the crater and were adamant it was not a melanistic Slender Mongoose (which are reported often there). Didn’t look like it to me either. They picked out Marsh Mongoose from the field guide without prompting. Interestingly, that was a really good trip for Mongooses. I also saw a adult+baby Egyptian Mongoose (which dodged a Martial Eagle attack!) in Ndutu and Bushy-tailed Mongoose at Lake Manyara NP.

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