Finland Trip Report

  1. Juhani Heiskanen 14 years ago

    Good to read you were happy with your hour with the most elusive animal of the taiga forest. I think the wolverines had heard about your long quest to see one so they made it extra hard for you. Elusive and very very clever members of the Mustelidae family the wolverines.

  2. Richard Moores 14 years ago

    I’m beyond jealous!!!

  3. cmh78 14 years ago

    I agree with Richard Moores.

  4. Ulrik Andersen 14 years ago

    Nice trip report – and yes, wolverines are very special creatures indeed. My wife and I spent 4 days (and nights) a bit farther north, east of Kuhmo, next to the Russian border in early July this year. During the 4 mights, we saw a lot of bears (maybe 20 different animals), 5-6 wolves and 4 wolverines. During the darkest hours (10 pm to 4 am), we more or less constantly had one or more bears in view so there was no time to get bored! This place is run by one of the leading Finnish nature photographers, Lassi Rautiainen, and while it was quite expensive (250 euros per person per day), it was worth every penny. There are hides in 4 different areas, one of them in no-man’s-land between Finland and Russia. I can highly recommend this place – more information at

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