Panama and Costa Rica RFI

I will be going to Panama and Costa Rica for about two weeks in October. I’ve been before, but was wondering if anyone had any advice on a few mammals. My main target is Geoffroy’s Tamarin, followed closely by the Western Night Monkey. A few other things I’d like to see are White-lipped Peccary, Silky Anteater, any porcupine, any non Didlephis opossum, Olingo, and Cacomistle. As of now I plan to spend a few days in Corcavado and a few looking for the Panama Primates. Thanks,


  1. Jeroen Verhoeff 14 years ago


    You can check my website for my weblog. Go back in time there and you will find some mammalsightings, including a good place for silky anteaters (I saw three.)

    Good luck, Jeroen.

  2. Jon Hall 14 years ago

    Curtis, I have never been but want to. Have you got Fiona’s Reid’s 1997. A Field Guide To The Mammals Of Central American And Southeast Mexico. Oxford University Press

    It has a lot of information on what mammals occur in different parks in Costa Rica and tips for looking. I have never used it in the field but it sounds like it would be good.

    Richard Webb was in Panama last year – I will see if he has any tips for you


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