Panama and Costa Rica RFI

I will be going to Panama and Costa Rica for about two weeks in October. I’ve been before, but was wondering if anyone had any advice on a few mammals. My main target is Geoffroy’s Tamarin, followed closely by the Western Night Monkey. A few other things I’d like to see are White-lipped Peccary, Silky Anteater, any porcupine, any non Didlephis opossum, Olingo, and Cacomistle. As of now I plan to spend a few days in Corcavado and a few looking for the Panama Primates. Thanks,



  • Jeroen Verhoeff


    You can check my website for my weblog. Go back in time there and you will find some mammalsightings, including a good place for silky anteaters (I saw three.)

    Good luck, Jeroen.

  • Jon Hall

    Curtis, I have never been but want to. Have you got Fiona’s Reid’s 1997. A Field Guide To The Mammals Of Central American And Southeast Mexico. Oxford University Press

    It has a lot of information on what mammals occur in different parks in Costa Rica and tips for looking. I have never used it in the field but it sounds like it would be good.

    Richard Webb was in Panama last year – I will see if he has any tips for you


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