A very smart honey badger.

Stoffle is a captive Honey badger in South-Africa’s Moholoholo Rehabilitation centre that shows incredible intelligence in getting out of his enclosure. He started by climbing trees and lets bending tree branches drop him outside (Keepers removed the trees), then he puts his feeding can vertically to climb out (Keepers changed it), he collects stones to create a pile for climbing out (Keepers removed the stones), he builds a pile of earth for climbing out (Keepers dig a trench), he puts a log verticaly to climb out (Keepers removed all the logs), he steals a shovel from a keeper to use for climbing out again (Keeper throws the shovel out of the enclosure), finally he pulls the keepers leg to the stone wall and uses the keeper to climb out, if the keeper does not co-operate he gets bitten).

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