New Trip Reports – Borneo & Malaysia, Sulawesi & Indonesia

I’m sorry has been quiet for a while. I just got back from a very nice 6 week work trip to Italy, Australia and South Africa. But I was working… and, if you don’t count the Koala in Noosa, and the Humpback in Sydney, I only had time to look for mammals in South Africa. I did manage to see a Brown Hyena, something I have been chasing for ages, as well as a Greater Cane Rat (thanks Andy and Indri and Rockjumper) and a load of other cool (but not new for me) stuff. Trip reports will follow.

In the meantime I just have added a few new reports. More to follow soon:

North Sulawesi and Gorantola 2009: Jean Dille, 10 days and some nice mammals including Spectral Tarsier, Anoa, Bear Cuscus, Heck’s Macaques and Babirusa.

Indonesia (esp. Sulawesi) 2009: Steve Anyon-Smith, 1 month & 20 mammals including Sulawesi Tarsier and Bear Cuscus and a load of good stories.

Malaysia and Borneo 2009: Indri Tours, 2 weeks & 50 mammals including a Banded Palm Civet in Tabin and a Sun Bear and a Tapir in Taman Negara!




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