Black-Footed Ferrets – Arizona?

I read a post by Curtis Hart on Lonely Planet in which he reported seeing a black-footed ferret on a ranch in Arizona. I didn’t even know black-footed ferrets could be found there. Is this ranch open to the public? Any other good ferret watching spots?

  1. Tai Haku 13 years ago

    Apparently the Aubrey Valley in NW Az was a release site in the late 90’s. Alternatively are any of the Turner ranches in Arizona?

  2. Curtis Hart 13 years ago

    I’m on the road for work, so I don’t have my map with it marked off, but I think it’s north of Seligman, AZ. You can check out AZ fish and game’s website to volunteer for spring and maybe fall ferret spotting/trapping.
    The ranch is open to the public for camping and hunting. I couldn’t make it to the volunteer time, so I went a bit later. You just go in to a check in spot, fill out minimal paper work, and head on in. It is free.
    We got in around 5 pm, killed a couple hours and started spotlighting at dusk. We found a ferret on the run in a few minutes. After a few photos we continued on in search of a Badger, which took us another 3 hours to get. We also saw 6 Coyotes, Ord’s Kangaroo Rat, Gray Fox, Striped Skunk, Elk, a couple deer (I forget which species), and a couple species of rabbits. With a couple species on the way up from Organ Pipe that morning we had 14 species that day, my best in North America.
    I did have someone with me who had been at the volunteer event and knew where to look on the ranch. I think that made a big difference.

  3. Curtis Hart 13 years ago

    Feel free to contact me at

  4. Jon Hall 13 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    The best place I’ve read of is near the Badlands National Park near Wall South Dakota. You may also want to contact a USA based natural history tour operator such as “Off The Beaten Path”. They used to have a night tour on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation for swift fox and I think ferret.


    Bob Berghaier

  5. Curtis Hart 13 years ago

    Check out this as well. I haven’t been out that way since I saw this post.

  6. Author
    Matt Miller 13 years ago

    Thanks for all this information. Great stuff.

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