Korea Trip Report

Amur Leopard Cat (photo Rich Lindie)

I was in South Korea last week and Rich Lindie and his partner Hayley took me out for a great day’s mammal watching. They found me my first Finless Porpoise under the Namhae Grand Bridge then took me to Seosan where – despite the terrible weather – we saw a stack of Raccoon Dogs, Water Deer and Amur Leopard Cats (check out Rich’s Amur Leopard Cat photo – they are very different to the oriental flavour).

A big big thanks to Rich and Hayley – they knew exactly where to find the animals and also make the best sandwiches in Korea!

Some pictures and more information are on my Korean page


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  • Morgan Churchill


    At this years marine mammal conference there was a great talk on finless porpoises. It turns out there is at least two species, and that both the marine subspecies should have species level status. Apparently the Northern and Southern Forms both occur in the Sea of Taiwan in sympatry without interbreeding.

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