Happy Christmas

I hope everyone out there is having a good Christmas and taking some quiet time to think of the trips they would like to take and the mammals they would like to see next year. Adam Riley took this great picture of a Brown Three-toed Sloth in Panama as the INDRI Tours image of the month. I join them in hoping that your are all adopting a similar lifestyle today. I know I am …. except I feel considerably fatter than the Sloth.

I’ve had a bit of a crappy year personally in 2009, but the mammal watching has been the saving grace. I’m taking my kids to New York for a week tomorrow where there are many strange creatures but none I can add to my life list. I hope you all have a good break and that 2010 starts well. See you next year



  • Curtis Hart

    2009 nine has been my best mammal watching year ever, thanks in large part to this site. My first trip to Sulawesi was inspired by a trip report here and my entire time in South Africa was guided by your website and advice you emailed me while I was there. I’m now in India with my last lifer of the year having been an Indian Gerbil In Sri Lanka on Christmas day. I don’t have my list in front of me but I had over 100 lifers this year. Have a good one,


  • Jon Hall

    Hey Curtis, good to know you have had such a good year and that the site is useful. Enjoy India! I spent the day in the Natural History Museum in New York and was impressed that I had seen nearly all of the mammals on display – even though I have seen less than 20% of the world’s mammals I must have seen 90% of the ones on display.

    All the best to you all for 2010 – hope its full of adventure and memories that will last a lifetime


  • Morgan Churchill

    Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year. This has been a great year for mammals for me (28 lifers) and I will continue Curtis Hart’s praise. I may potentially be spending the summer abroad in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, and the info here has been of great use in thinking about possible mammalwatching this summer

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