• Vladimir Dinets

    I’ve never seen any video of it before.

  • Don Roberson

    The story attached to the impressive video mentions that a tourist is thought to have videotaped this species in 2006, but that the video has not been made public. The only claim made in the article is that this is the first video to be made available to the public.

  • Jon Hall

    I guess so. I am just surprised as I know several people who have seen them in Borneo just in my small circle of friends and I would have thought that plenty of people would have taken video of them. When I was first in the Danum Valley I heard the BBC and been there for a month trying to film a Leopard but had given up after not finding an animal – I saw one on my second night (but I don’t have a video camera and even if I had of it would have been a distant image of an animal in a tree)

  • Andy Hearn

    Don’s correct – the stroy claims it is the first video of this species made available to the public. However it is not the first video of this elusive cat!

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