Sightings from Amazonian Brazil – Primates and Short-eared Dog

During a one week stay in February at the Pousada Rio Roosevelt in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, we saw a number of good primates notably Prince’s Bernhard’s Titi Monkey and Marca’s Marmoset, in addition to Peruvian Spider Monkey, Brown Woolly Monkey (common here), White-nosed Bearded Saki, as well as White-fronted and Brown Capuchins and Bare-eared Squirrel Monkey. I also had what appeared to be an Amazon Dwarf Squirrel, but this species apparently isn’t supposed to range east of the Rio Madeira? We didn’t see much else here mammal-wise in large part due to the high waters. At the end of the dry season at this location (November) I have also seen Brazilian Tapir, Red Brocket Deer, Southern Amazon Red Squirrel, Collared Peccary and a few other species. Jaguars are seen regularly (indeed in November 2008 I chose to go upstream on my final morning; the other group present went downstream and were rewarded with an adult crossing the river). Andy Whittaker has seen Short-eared Dog here.

Marca's Marmoset (Callithrix marcai)

In a quick visit to Pakaas Palafitas Lodge in Guajará-Mirim in the state of Rondônia on the border with Bolivia we saw Brown Titi Monkey and more Bare-eared Squirrel Monkeys. We also saw a few Brown-throated Sloths. Both river dolphins can be seen from the lodge here, though inexplicably we missed them this time around – that said, I heard one surface in the river below while I was having an afternoon dip in the pool.

Speaking of Short-eared Dog, Duncan Ritchie and I saw this species extremely well last year (October 2009) at a distance of 25 metres when one walked out onto the path in front of us at the Pousada Rio Azul in the state of Pará, 120 km drive from Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso. This location is very reliable for White-faced Spider Monkey, White-nosed Bearded Saki and Red-handed Howler. Tapir is seen reliably in the dry season.

Both these lodges are on the web:  and

– Bradley Davis


  • Jon Hall

    THis is great information Bradley – thanks. Its good to hear of more sights for Short-eared Dog. Its an animal I want to see again. Do you know anything abot Bush Dogs? That would be a nice one to see.

    • Bradley Davis

      Jon — the owner of the Pousada Rio Azul, Carlão, told me a couple of weeks after our visit that he encountered a group of Bush Dogs as they crossed a forested road along the border of the states of Mato Grosso and Pará. He described the species convincingly, and there are published records of the species from the region, so I have no reason to doubt it. I’d say we’re a long way from being able to see them even semi-reliably, however.

  • Bradley Davis

    Turns out that the primate in the photo above isn’t Marca’s Marmoset, but is rather a Dwarf Marmoset, Callibela humilis. Thanks to Guilherme Garbino for pointing out the ID error; a short note on the record was published, as it reflected a range extension for this poorly-known genus.

  • Jon Hall

    Thanks for the update Bradley – happy new year!

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