1. Jerzy 13 years ago


    not about Niger, but who can help with identification of some mammals from Uganda? Photos arek here:

    • Jon Hall 13 years ago

      the bats are are chaerophon sp. but impossible to say which one I think. I cannot see the squirrel properly from the photo. Jon

  2. Charles Foley 13 years ago

    Hi Michel,

    The genet you saw (or at least the one in the picture) is actually the Large spotted genet Genetta maculata, rather than the Common genet, Genetta genetta.


    • GERVAIS Michel 13 years ago

      Hi Charles,
      My documentation on genet is not enough good !
      OK my genet is not G genetta but I read large spotted genetta is Genetta tigrina ! What are differencies between these too genet G tigrina and G maculata (panther genet)?
      Michel GERVAIS

  3. Charles Foley 13 years ago

    Hi Michel,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Genet taxonomy is in a state of flux at the moment, with lots of splitting and name changing going on. Genetta tigrina is now officially known as Genetta maculata, hence the confusion.



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